About Sam Fishman

Sam Fishman has served as the managing director of SINAI Schools in New Jersey since 2007, and in that time he has made significant strides for the organization on several fronts. He recently oversaw an animation and video campaign illustrating the difficulties inherent to Jewish special education, allowing the school system to spread its message to potential students and their families as well as potential donors, ultimately raising awareness of schools like his and how they help Jewish children with special needs. Sam Fishman has also significantly strengthened fundraising efforts at SINAI, leading it to greater financial health and overcoming its history of running at a deficit.

At SINAI, Sam Fishman deals with all aspects of the school other than direct educational service, particularly focusing on budgetary and tuition concerns. Under his leadership, SINAI has offered millions of dollars in scholarships each year, allowing students with special needs to receive the quality education they need to succeed. He also works directly with parents to make the ideal tuition arrangement for each student.


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